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Started to Work on My New Project

I have started this new project with a couple of other visitors. I have been familiar with this Monterey dentist for around five or six years. I just happened to need a new dentist when the old one retired to Palm Springs and so I looked around and picked this guy because he was recommended to me by someone I trusted. I guess he is a a good dentist, but it is not like I am an expert on that. Like most people I am not really eager to think about that sort of thing and I want to spend as little time as I can sitting in the chair with this guy staring in my mouth. Of course He and I both have a similar problem with our landlord. So we got to thinking about how we could just get rid of the guy who was being a pain to us.

The truth is my landlord is just flat out greedy and a jerk. He always has been, but I had a lease that I got from his father who was great to deal with. So long as that lease was in effect he and I got along just fine because there was not much he could do to me. Now the lease has expired and he has decided that he is going to be able to get someone to give him what he wants, even though he knows it is not going to be me. So I have to find another place. The dentist has the money and he also is not happy with his situation. In fact we figure that if we do it right we can turn a nice profit. We just have to get a property which is going to priced so that we can work it.