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On a Business Trip to France

It was something that did not really surprise a lot of people. Mickey has been a stone cold workaholic as long as I have known the man and it was probably only a matter of time before he cracked up. The guy never stops working and he never lets go of the problems at work. That is not a way to live your life, but the company loved him so long as he was able to draw inside the lines. Now he is at this center for burn-out care in Paris. I did not realize that there were places that specialized in that sort of thing, but I really do not think that there is a cure for the sort of personality that Mickey has. I do not know that you call it OCD or something else, but it is most definitely a compulsive sort of behavior. He simply can not control himself and there is not any way to resolve that to my knowledge.

When I went to see him he was immediately worried about things at work. Of course the trigger seems to have been this one client who is threatening to leave the firm, but obviously wants us to bend the rules for her. It is not something a normal person would have broken over, but in Mickey’s case there are really fierce competing urges. He lives by the rules and would throw a tantrum if he caught anyone breaking them. Of course he lives for the bottom line as well and that is something that he can not stand to see at risk. So he is determined to do both of these things and that is not always the way that things are going to work out for you. Of course his office was running like a well oiled machine and I do not have much to do there.