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My New Lichfield Dentist is Very Capable and Nice

I cracked a partial that is about five years old. I had it made at a dentist’s office where I used to live. It has been about four months since I moved here, and I had not been to a dentist yet. I looked for a lichfield dentist that would cover everything I needed. I needed the routine exams and cleanings as well as someone who could keep my partial maintained as well as maintaining the teeth the partial attaches to.

I bit down on some crunchy food and the partial broke. My gums had receded a little since the partial was made, and it did not fit like it used to. It rocked back and forth a little. The pressure of chewing must have been too much for it. I could have just gotten it religned, but I waited too long. Now that it broke, I know it was going to be more involved in fixing it. The Lichfield dentist I found took new dental impressions and my denture plate fits better now than it did in the beginning. The dentist also repaired one of the teeth where the metal clasp of attaches.

The dentist told me that my remaining teeth are overall pretty healthy. I was glad to hear that. I was encouraged to come in every six months for an exam to catch any issues with the dental device or supporting teeth before any real problems develop. I am very happy to have a new dentist here in my new town. A healthy looking smile is important to me. Now you cannot even tell that I am wearing a partial denture, and that is something that makes me feel very happy. I used to be embarrassed to smile big. I do not want people seeing I had a denture. Now my big smile has returned.