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Going Back to Work Next Week

It has been almost two months since I have been to work now, although the first week was my vacation. We went up to Ohio to see Jean’s Mom and Dad, then the day we got home I went up to the grocery store to buy dishwasher detergent and a jug of milk. Some guy ran the light up at the top of the hill. He was not drunk, but the police suspected that he was stoned on something. At first I did not think it was that bad, but my legs were messed up. A Glendale physical therapy clinic is working on me right now, because I spent three weeks without walking and of course if you do not use the muscles in your legs, then they are going to waste away on you. For awhile they would not let me out of the hospital bed and if they did they made me use a wheelchair. That was really annoying for me, In fact I was working the entire time that I was in the hospital. People from the office would come by and bring me stuff that I needed to see, especially stuff that was too sensitive to be transmitted over insecure internet lines. It made me feel a lot better to be able to do most of my job and obviously that keeps your mind off of feeling bad for yourself. When they let me out of the wheelchair I had to have a rolling walker to get around, but I immediately started to walk around as much as I could manage, It took a couple of weeks before I could go on crutches confidently and after that I had to use a cane. I am still using it, especially when I need to go up and down stairs.