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From Annoying Cousin to Fond Friend

I have the most annoying cousin in the world. She is very pretty and her husband travels all over the world for the company he works for. She travels with him and works as a writer for a magazine. I have a medical degree and work in a local hospital. She really likes to flaunt her jetsetting ways. My parents eat it up and do not see anything wrong with it. Maybe I only detect the attitude because I am jealous. I am not sure. Anyway, she comes back from Germany telling me about this wimpernserum she bought in a boutique in Berlin. I have no idea what she is talking about, so she is waiting for me to bite and ask her what she is saying.

I faked that I was getting a text and was replying. I typed into a search engine on my phone the closest approximation to how I thought the word was spelled. I actually got it right! I saw that it meant eyelash serum in German, so I asked her what was really so great about the mascara she bought. She gazed at me with a blank look and said, “You looked it up, didn’t you?” Well, if I am one thing, it is truthful. I told her that I did, and that it was because she annoyed me with the way she presents stuff to me. She told me that she has always tried to keep up with me. I had no idea what that meant. She said she was jealous I had a degree in medicine and had a great job at the hospital. I had no idea she ever felt that way. She told me to stop being smug about my job. I wasn’t but it was her perception. We spent that afternoon changing how we looked at one another.

I asked her about the wimpernserum before she left. She had me put some of it on. It really was great stuff. It was a new bottle, and she told me to keep it. I really like it, and called her a couple of days later asking her to pick me up some more when she went back to Germany. I also asked her if she would come over and show me some more products she discovered on her trips abroad. Our relationship has shifted into a new dimension we both like.