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Easy Injections to Alleviate the Pain

My mom was diagnosed with arthritis about a year ago. She had been feeling a lot more pain for many months, so it was good to finally have an answer for what was causing it. The doctor explained how it happens, and he also went over a few different options with her. He told her to continue to move, and to take medication when the pain got to be too much for her to take. He also told her about an option that we were most interested in, which is Mesotherapy in Paris.

This is basically an injection that is given superficially rather than orally. It is mainly used to help people who are having pain issues, such as my mom with her osteoarthritis. There are other uses for it too, and people of all ages are able to have these injections done. There are even school age children who get these injections on a regular basis because of cartilages that become inflamed, which is usually because they play a lot of sports. While I was glad that this was something that helps a wide variety of people, I was especially thankful that it would also help my mom.

My mom does not like needles of any kind, so for her to want this rather than have to take the oral medications on a constant basis is really saying a lot about this procedure. The doctor had explained to her just how easy it is. She has had cortisone shots in the past, which are extremely painful for her because of how deep they go. The mesotherapy injections do not go deep at all, but they are still very effective. My mom has had a significant decrease in her pain levels because of this, and that is really all that matters to either one of us!