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Easy Injections to Alleviate the Pain

My mom was diagnosed with arthritis about a year ago. She had been feeling a lot more pain for many months, so it was good to finally have an answer for what was causing it. The doctor explained how it happens, and he also went over a few different options with her. He told her to continue to move, and to take medication when the pain got to be too much for her to take. He also told her about an option that we were most interested in, which is Mesotherapy in Paris.

This is basically an injection that is given superficially rather than orally. It is mainly used to help people who are having pain issues, such as my mom with her osteoarthritis. (more…)

On a Business Trip to France

It was something that did not really surprise a lot of people. Mickey has been a stone cold workaholic as long as I have known the man and it was probably only a matter of time before he cracked up. The guy never stops working and he never lets go of the problems at work. That is not a way to live your life, but the company loved him so long as he was able to draw inside the lines. Now he is at this center for burn-out care in Paris. I did not realize that there were places that specialized in that sort of thing, but I really do not think that there is a cure for the sort of personality that Mickey has. (more…)

A Good Flashlight for Protection

I’ve seen various advertisements for a tactical flashlight on television late at night. This flashlight can shine bright enough to light up an entire house and has a strobe feature for blinding attackers. It also has a sharp edge for using as a weapon. I bought one of these flashlights from a store that sells products that are shown on television. After only one use, the flashlight fell apart. Disappointed with my purchase, I looked online for a replacement that would be worthy of being used as a flashlight for tactical purposes.

After a bit of searching, I found some flashlights that looked even better than the one that I saw on televising. (more…)

A Modern Voodoo Found in Chiropractic Medicine

Some injuries from a car accident can linger without becoming obvious until weeks or even months down the line. This happened to me after a recent accident which I had thought I managed to escape injury free. It wasn’t until three weeks later that I began to experience radiating pain from my shoulder to my thigh on the right side of my body. Concerned, I sought out my doctor who, after a round of x-rays, suggested that I visit the Vacaville accident chiropractor. To her it appeared that I had distressed some ligaments which the chiropractor would be able to help with after therapy. I’ve apparently been taking the chiropractic practice for granted. Whenever I hear the words ‘alternative medicine’ my attention seems to wander and I’m quick to dismiss it completely. I’m not entirely sure why that is but I was pleasantly surprised by the therapy that he suggested. (more…)

Started to Work on My New Project

I have started this new project with a couple of other visitors. I have been familiar with this Monterey dentist for around five or six years. I just happened to need a new dentist when the old one retired to Palm Springs and so I looked around and picked this guy because he was recommended to me by someone I trusted. I guess he is a a good dentist, but it is not like I am an expert on that. Like most people I am not really eager to think about that sort of thing and I want to spend as little time as I can sitting in the chair with this guy staring in my mouth. Of course He and I both have a similar problem with our landlord. (more…)

Attempting to Live a Pain Free Life

Suffering is no way to live life. Back pain, especially of the lower variety, is becoming more common place in the United States. Regardless of what type of work that you do, from coding to packing boxes in a warehouse, the constant weight and stress that we place on our backs will inevitably begin to cause us pain. We’re at war against physics with our joints and spine being on the front lines of this battle. They’re the first to suffer which explains why workers are beginning to visit their chiropractor in Vacaville. It may be an alternative medicine but it’s one that has proven itself to be incredibly effective for the treatment of back pain. (more…)

My Husband’s Hair Loss Stopped

When I married my husband, he had a full head of hair. He started losing it within just a few years of our wedding. It did not bother me at all, because it happened so gradually. For him though, it was devastating. He is typically not a vain person, so it surprised me when he asked me if I would research some different types of hair loss treatments. I had no problem doing this for him because I want him to be happy. Thankfully, I found Provillus as a result of my online research.

The problem with thinning hair or hair loss is that there are so many companies out there that claim to have the miracle product that will make it not only grow back but grow back thicker and fuller than ever before. It was pretty easy to figure out which companies were just trying to con people out of their money because the facts behind their products were either very slim or just non existent. (more…)

From Annoying Cousin to Fond Friend

I have the most annoying cousin in the world. She is very pretty and her husband travels all over the world for the company he works for. She travels with him and works as a writer for a magazine. I have a medical degree and work in a local hospital. She really likes to flaunt her jetsetting ways. My parents eat it up and do not see anything wrong with it. Maybe I only detect the attitude because I am jealous. I am not sure. Anyway, she comes back from Germany telling me about this wimpernserum she bought in a boutique in Berlin. I have no idea what she is talking about, so she is waiting for me to bite and ask her what she is saying.

I faked that I was getting a text and was replying. I typed into a search engine on my phone the closest approximation to how I thought the word was spelled. I actually got it right! I saw that it meant eyelash serum in German, so I asked her what was really so great about the mascara she bought. (more…)

My New Lichfield Dentist is Very Capable and Nice

I cracked a partial that is about five years old. I had it made at a dentist’s office where I used to live. It has been about four months since I moved here, and I had not been to a dentist yet. I looked for a lichfield dentist that would cover everything I needed. I needed the routine exams and cleanings as well as someone who could keep my partial maintained as well as maintaining the teeth the partial attaches to.

I bit down on some crunchy food and the partial broke. My gums had receded a little since the partial was made, and it did not fit like it used to. It rocked back and forth a little. (more…)

Going Back to Work Next Week

It has been almost two months since I have been to work now, although the first week was my vacation. We went up to Ohio to see Jean’s Mom and Dad, then the day we got home I went up to the grocery store to buy dishwasher detergent and a jug of milk. Some guy ran the light up at the top of the hill. He was not drunk, but the police suspected that he was stoned on something. At first I did not think it was that bad, but my legs were messed up. A Glendale physical therapy clinic is working on me right now, because I spent three weeks without walking and of course if you do not use the muscles in your legs, then they are going to waste away on you. (more…)