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Attempting to Live a Pain Free Life

Suffering is no way to live life. Back pain, especially of the lower variety, is becoming more common place in the United States. Regardless of what type of work that you do, from coding to packing boxes in a warehouse, the constant weight and stress that we place on our backs will inevitably begin to cause us pain. We’re at war against physics with our joints and spine being on the front lines of this battle. They’re the first to suffer which explains why workers are beginning to visit their chiropractor in Vacaville. It may be an alternative medicine but it’s one that has proven itself to be incredibly effective for the treatment of back pain. As a society that has seen a rapid rise in the use of opiate pain killers it becomes imperative that we find therapeutic methods to help mitigate pain in patients rather than merely treat the symptom.

I absolutely refused any kind of pain killer. I simply didn’t want to develop a tolerance to a medication that I might need to have in the future for something far more serious than mere back pain; not that back pain doesn’t impact our lives in real and awful ways. Going through the day to day ritual can soon become an experience that is more than you’re willing to handle. You start to cut out those activities that demand too much from your back when they used to be a favored hobby. I had to stop playing basketball for months because my back was completely incapable of handling the pressure from landing on my feet. After months of therapy with my chiropractor I was finally able to achieve a pain free state with only the slightest of twinges giving me pause. It might not be completely diminished but it’s enough to comfortably live life again.