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A Modern Voodoo Found in Chiropractic Medicine

Some injuries from a car accident can linger without becoming obvious until weeks or even months down the line. This happened to me after a recent accident which I had thought I managed to escape injury free. It wasn’t until three weeks later that I began to experience radiating pain from my shoulder to my thigh on the right side of my body. Concerned, I sought out my doctor who, after a round of x-rays, suggested that I visit the Vacaville accident chiropractor. To her it appeared that I had distressed some ligaments which the chiropractor would be able to help with after therapy. I’ve apparently been taking the chiropractic practice for granted. Whenever I hear the words ‘alternative medicine’ my attention seems to wander and I’m quick to dismiss it completely. I’m not entirely sure why that is but I was pleasantly surprised by the therapy that he suggested.

I had expected something far more physical for my therapy but with a combination of therapy that saw electrodes being slapped to my shoulder and back where they delivered pulsating electric stimulation as if I were some science experiment, I am more than happy with the results. After each electro-shock therapy I would then see the massage therapist; the first time that I had ever visited one. After our first session I was sold on life and even now I make it a weekly thing to help ease out the stiffness of overworked and stressed muscles. Alternative medicine might sound like some sort of modern Voodoo and if it is, it’s a type that actually works. I feel better than ever since the accident. I would go so far as to say that I actually feel more limber than I have in years with a new found sense of my bodily needs and limits.