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A Good Flashlight for Protection

I’ve seen various advertisements for a tactical flashlight on television late at night. This flashlight can shine bright enough to light up an entire house and has a strobe feature for blinding attackers. It also has a sharp edge for using as a weapon. I bought one of these flashlights from a store that sells products that are shown on television. After only one use, the flashlight fell apart. Disappointed with my purchase, I looked online for a replacement that would be worthy of being used as a flashlight for tactical purposes.

After a bit of searching, I found some flashlights that looked even better than the one that I saw on televising. One of these flashlights had a built in radio that was powered by a small crank on the handle. Another one had a flip up screwdriver for those moments when you have to disassemble something. One even had two prongs on the end for use as a stun gun. I thought this one was a little too dangerous for me, because I was afraid that I would accidentally turn it on one day and shock myself. Instead, I went with a simple tactical light that was similar to the one I saw in the commercials.

The flashlight that I ordered arrived in a couple of days and I was quite pleased with it. The flashlight was of a higher build quality than the other one. I even dropped it on the floor a couple of times, and it still held up pretty well. The light shined brighter than the one from the commercial, and the tactical edge was a little bit sharper. The flashlight had a good weight, where it wasn’t too heavy or too light. I’m going to take it with me whenever I go out, because I want to protect myself.